The Human Motion Data Platform Manual

Welcome to the HMDP manual!

The HMDP is the software platform for sustainable research data management at Salzburg Research.

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Aim of the HMDP

In interdisciplinary research projects, data is regularly collected by different people, shared, enriched and analysed. Any interface at which data is transferred from one organization, machine, or person to another creates "data friction." The aim of a research data management is to keep this data friction as low as possible. As such the aim of the HMDP is to simplify sharing research data between research partners (whether they are from science or the industry) and make research data manageable and comprehensible.

HMDP Benefits

  • GDPR compliance: GDPR-compliant data management
  • Metadata management: Easy access to metadata for comprehensible data sharing
  • De-personalized infrastructure: Data management independent from individual folder and file structures
  • Data sharing agreement: Control over who accesses and uses research data for which development, publication, datathons or others
  • Research Data Management Lifecycle: Traceable datasets and data processing pipelines for a sustainable research data management

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Deployment of Version 1.0 in March 2021


The research data management module of the HMDP was deployed in March 2021. This module supports in organizing data GDPR-compliant and comprehendable. In addition, it supports in planning studies and creating a Data Management Plan (DMP).

Deployment of three other modules planned in 2021

Two other modules are in the design and concept phase:

The sensor selection module (or the Sensor Playground) supports in selecting and configuring wearables and sensors for lab and field studies.

The workflow management module provides data processing pipelines to reproduce data analytics workflows.

The deployment of these additional modules is expected by the end of 2021.

Submission to the BMK challenge: Software solution for data circles

We submitted the HMDP concept to the challenge of the IÖB Innovationsplattform "Softwarelösung für Datenkreise" (engl. "software solution for data circles"). For more information visit the HMDP challenge website and leave a like.



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